Pre-harvest surveys of soil bulk density in Silvicultural Systems Trial, 1997-1998

This data was collected for a study to evaluate Montreal Criteria Indicators 4.1.d and 4.1.e. (changes in soil bulk density) and reported in Pennington and Laffan (2004) Ecological Indicators, 4: 39-54. This dataset is of the pre-harvest soil bulk density sampling. Sampling was done between May 1997-Feb 1998 in four of the treatment coupes: two dispersed retention coupes (WR001B and WR008B), and two clearfell, burn and sow coupes (WR008C and WR008H). For each coupe 10-21 sample plots were located randomly throughout the coupe. At each sample plot cores for bulk density measurement were taken from 0-10 cm (5 replicates); 10-20 cm (3 replicates) and 20-30 cm (3 replicates) depths. WRA033 Pennington.