Post-harvest survey of soil bulk density in Warra 001B (dispersed retention) - Silvicultural Systems Trial

This data was collected for a study to evaluate Montreal Criteria Indicators 4.1.d and 4.1.e. (changes in soil bulk density) and reported in Pennington and Laffan (2004) Ecological Indicators, 4: 39-54. This dataset is of the post-harvest soil bulk density sampling in WR001B. Samples were collected from systematically allocated sample points, on the following operational areas: (1) major corded snig tracks; (2) minor snig tracks; (3) firebreaks and (4) harvest area (undisturbed to moderate disturbance only). On major snig tracks sampling was restricted to those areas where the cording and bark have been lifted to expose mineral soil. The occurrence of severely disturbed sites in the harvested area was less than 3%, and these were not sampled. Surveys after the low intensity burn show that the bulk of this coupe was left unburnt. Hence sampling was restricted to unburnt areas. WRA033 Pennington.