Terrestrial laser scans - Riegl VZ400, individual tree point clouds and cylinder models, Rushworth Forest, 20120504

TERN AusCover carried out an terrestrial laser scans at Rushworth Forest, Victoria in the vicinity of Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite, Whroo.

Terrestrial laser scans were acquired in native Eucalypt Open Forest (dry sclerophyll Box-Ironbark forest) in Victoria, Australia. Two plots (RUSH06 and RUSH07) with a 40 m radius were established in Rushworth forest and partially harvested in May 2012 to acquire accurate estimates of above-ground biomass. The main tree species in these plots were Eucalyptus leucoxylon, Eucalyptus microcarpa and Eucalyptus tricarpa. Single trees were extracted from the TLS data and quantitative structure models were used to estimate the tree volume directly from the point cloud data. Above-ground biomass was inferred from the derived volumes and basic wood density information, and compared with estimates of above-ground biomass derived from allometric equations and destructive sampling. See Calders et al. (2014) and Murphy et al. (2014) for further information.

TERN AusCover Terrestrial laser scan metadata, individual tree point clouds, individual tree cylinder models and raw instrument files are located at http://www.auscover.org.au/purl/tls-tree-models-rushworth