Samford Peri-Urban Affiliate SuperSite - Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF)

From 2018 the SEQ Peri-urban SuperSite - Samford node becomes an Affiliate SuperSite that maintains the flux tower data streams and will deliver other (non-TERN funded) data where possible.

Listening to the Soundscape: A Day at the Samford Ecological Research Facility, Samford, Queensland


SERF (managed by the Institute for Sustainable Resources, QUT) is the northern node of the SEQ Peri-urban SuperSite and lies in the peri-urban area fringing metropolitan Brisbane in the Samford Valley. The valley comprises a mosaic of natural resources; native flora and fauna; significant landscapes; as well as supporting urban, agricultural and recreational land uses. SERF represents the last tract of remnant vegetation in this region. The main forest types are open Eucalypt and notophyll vine forest.

SuperSite installations

  • carbon dioxide and water flux station (or eddy flux co-variance)
  • automated greenhouse gas monitoring chambers
  • weather station
  • acoustic sensor technologies
  • water quality sensors
  • gauging station to measure discharge
  • soil water content and electrical conductivity depth sensors

For more information on SERF research and facilities:

A wide range of historical and contextual research data from SERF is available, including: Aerial images; environmental monitoring; fauna database, flora database, GIS/GPS data, geology and hydrology.

Camera trap trial (Hyperfire) at Samford 2017

Camera trap trial (Ultrafire W6) at Samford 2017

Camera trap trial at Samford node of the SEQ Peri-urban SuperSite Apr - May 2017