Overview of all SuperSites that form the network.

SuperSiteLocationEcosystemLead organisation
Alice Mulga North of Alice Springs Mulga University of Technology Sydney
Calperum Mallee Lower Murray, South Australia Mallee University of Adelaide
Cumberland Plains EucFACE Kurrajong, New South Wales Cumberland Plain Eucalyptus woodland University of Western Sydney
FNQ Rainforest Robson Creek, Queensland Simple notophyll vine forest CSIRO
Cape Tribulation, Queensland Complex mesophyll vine forest James Cook University
Great Western Woodlands Credo, Western Australia Temperate woodland, health and mallee CSIRO
Litchfield Savanna 80 km south of Darwin, Northern Territory High rainfall tropical savanna Charles Darwin University
SEQ Peri-urban Samford Valley, Queensland Open Eucalypt forest and notophyll vine forest Queensland University of Technology
Logan-Albert River Estuary, Queensland Estuarine CSIRO
Karawatha Forest Brisbane, Queensland Peri-urban Eucalypt forest Griffith University
Tumbarumba Wet Eucalypt Bago State Forest, New South Wales Wet eucalypt forest CSIRO
Victorian Dry Eucalypt Forests Whroo in north-east Victoria (near Shepparton) Dry Eucalypt Forest University of Western Australia
Wombat Forest (near Ballarat) Dry Eucalypt Forest University of Melbourne
Warra Tall Eucalypt Southern Tasmania E. obliqua forest Forestry Tasmania