How does one go about carrying out a research project at the SuperSites?

Funding for the TERN SuperSites is primarily derived from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) but the network has also received significant state government and institutional cash and in-kind support. As NCRIS funded infrastructure, the aim of the TERN SuperSites is to provide both field infrastructure and long-term ecosystem monitoring data streams as ‘infrastructure’ used by researchers, educators and natural resource managers for a variety of purposes including base-line data, calibration and validation and modelling.

SuperSites can provide on-site infrastructure that may be used by external researchers funded to answer specific research questions. Many sites also offer accommodation, storage and other facilities for wider use by educators and researchers. Once researchers have completed their studies and journal publications have been completed, these researchers are encouraged to publish their SuperSite related data with TERN data repositories, under licences of their choice, building up the library of ancillary data. The centralised storage of monitoring and independent research data adds value to the long-term monitoring data and provides valuable context for future studies.

Researchers and educators interested in using the SuperSites infrastructure are directed in the first instance to contact the relevant SuperSite Principal Investigator (details on our Contacts page). After this an application to the relevant SuperSite Research Committee is required. This process is streamlined and potential users of the field based infrastructure should know within 1-2 weeks (as long as there are no ethics issues) if their proposed activities are approved.

Laboratory facilities at the FNQ Rainforest SuperSite, Cape Tribulation

Great Western Woodlands SuperSite, Field Studies Centre

In 2016 the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife added more visitor accommodation to the Great Western Woodlands SuperSite at Credo.